Volunteer Solicitation

Volunteer Coordinators Needed!
To apply (volunteer) for any of these positions, please email the board at [email protected]


Since our annual meeting, the Board of Directors has been diligently working to address various community matters. However, we have encountered challenges in finding individuals willing to take on leadership roles and contribute meaningfully to the community’s well-being. We are asking for your help to ensure that the Hunters Creek community continues to thrive.

Recent Efforts

Here is a brief overview of our recent efforts:

Challenges and Needs

We are grateful for the willingness to help, but it has often been in areas that don’t align with our immediate needs, resulting in additional workload for the existing Board members. Regrettably, each of the three longest-standing Board members is reaching the point of exhaustion and is likely to step down in a staggered manner to ensure continuity. However, unless there’s a willingness from the community to step up into leadership roles and actively contribute to essential projects, we risk being left without a functioning Board.

Call to Action

We need your help! We have created this webpage outlining specific skills needed. We kindly request that you only volunteer for tasks that align with our identified needs, as taking on additional responsibilities at this time would be counterproductive.

Your cooperation and support during this critical time are greatly appreciated.

Position Description (PD) – Volunteer Facilities Project Manager for Queens Row Waterway

Position: Volunteer Facilities Project Manager Location: Queens Row Waterway Supervisor: HOA Board

Job Summary: Hunters Creek Homeowners Association (HOA) is seeking a proactive and organized volunteer Facilities Project Manager to oversee a major project involving the waterway behind Queens Row Street. The ideal candidate should have project management skills and the ability to collaborate with various stakeholders, including the Town of Herndon and engineering consultants.


1. Project Management:

o Develop and execute a comprehensive project plan, including timelines, budgets, and resources.

o Oversee all project phases, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards.

o Regularly report project progress to the HOA Board.

2. Stakeholder Engagement:

o Interface with the Town of Herndon, engineering consultants, contractors, and other relevant parties.

o Facilitate effective communication and collaboration among project stakeholders.

3. Budget Management:

o Monitor project expenses and ensure adherence to the allocated budget.

o Seek and evaluate cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

4. Documentation and Reporting:

o Maintain accurate project records, including contracts, permits, and progress reports.

o Prepare and present project updates to the HOA Board and community members.


• Strong project management skills and experience.

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• Ability to manage multiple stakeholders and maintain project timelines.

• Familiarity with civil engineering and waterway projects is a plus.

• Adept at problem-solving and decision-making.

Position Description (PD) – Volunteer Legal Liaison for Swim and Racquet Club Lease
Position: Volunteer Legal Liaison Location: Hunters Creek HOA Supervisor: HOA Board

Job Summary: Hunters Creek Homeowners Association (HOA) is seeking a dedicated volunteer Legal Liaison to assist in the drafting of an upcoming lease agreement with the Swim and Racquet Club. Ideal candidates for this role should have a legal background and be well-versed in contract law.


1. Lease Drafting:

o Collaborate with the HOA Board to draft and review the lease agreement.

o Ensure that all legal provisions are in compliance with relevant regulations and protect the HOA’s interests.

2. Legal Consultation:

o Address any legal concerns or issues that may arise during the lease negotiation process.

3. Due Diligence:

o Conduct necessary research and analysis to support the lease negotiation.

o Ensure that the terms and conditions are fair and equitable for all parties involved.


• Legal background as an attorney or paralegal.

• Excellent legal research and writing skills.

• Strong attention to detail and a thorough understanding of contract law.

• Ability to communicate complex legal concepts to non-legal stakeholders.

Position Description (PD) – Volunteer Insurance Liaison

Position: Volunteer Insurance Liaison Location: Hunters Creek HOA Supervisor: HOA Board

Job Summary: Hunters Creek Homeowners Association (HOA) is seeking a dedicated volunteer Insurance Liaison to serve as a bridge between the HOA and the insurance company, Brock Norton. The ideal candidate should have experience in insurance and a strong understanding of the HOA’s insurance needs.


1. Insurance Oversight:

o Review and evaluate the HOA’s insurance policies to ensure they meet the community’s needs.

o Advise the HOA Board on insurance matters, including coverage, limits, and policy options.

2. Claims Management:

o Assist in the filing and management of insurance claims when necessary.

o Ensure a smooth and efficient claims process to protect the HOA’s interests.

3. Communication:

o Maintain regular communication with the insurance company, Brock Norton.

o Provide updates and reports to the HOA Board on insurance-related matters.

4. Risk Assessment:

o Identify potential risks and recommend risk mitigation strategies to the HOA Board.


• Experience in the insurance industry.

• Strong understanding of insurance policies, claims management, and risk assessment.

• Effective communication and negotiation skills.

• Attention to detail and a proactive approach to insurance matters.

Position Description (PD) – Volunteer Treasurer and CPA Liaison

Position: Volunteer Treasurer and CPA Liaison Location: Hunters Creek HOA Supervisor: HOA Board

Job Summary: Hunters Creek Homeowners Association (HOA) is seeking a volunteer Treasurer and CPA Liaison to facilitate communication and collaboration between the HOA and its financial professionals, including the Treasurer and Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Ideal candidates should have a background in accounting or finance.


1. Financial Coordination:

o Serve as a liaison between the HOA Board and the Treasurer, ensuring transparency in financial matters.

o Collaborate with the CPA to provide necessary financial information for audits and tax preparation.

2. Budget Management:

o Assist the Treasurer in budget planning, monitoring, and reporting.

o Coordinate financial forecasts and annual financial statements with the CPA.

3. Financial Reporting:

o Prepare financial reports and presentations for the HOA Board.

o Ensure accurate and timely financial updates for decision-making.

4. Compliance:

o Work with the CPA to maintain compliance with financial regulations and standards.

o Support the Treasurer in fulfilling their responsibilities in accordance with HOA bylaws.


• Background in accounting, finance, or related fields.

• Strong financial acumen and familiarity with financial reporting.

• Effective communication and coordination skills.

• Detail-oriented and well-organized.

• Experience working with Treasurers and CPAs is a plus.