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Board Members

  • Charles Williams President
  • Rory Spencer Vice President
  • Steven PageTreasurer
  • Ben LipmannBoard Member
  • Dan MurphySecretary

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The Board of Directors meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm, at the Hunters Creek club house*

*Note: With recent legislation changes, Board meetings are currently being held virtually, but are still open to homeowners and public forum. 

Anyone requiring technology assistance or an accommodation to attend can email the board at [email protected]  In addition, two board members will be present at the clubhouse to provide technology assistance on meeting nights. 

Please contact the board if you have trouble joining.

Storage Lot

Hunters Creek offers an parking lot for extended storage of boats, RVs and extra vehicles. See below for more information

Contact the Storage Lot

Storage Lot Information

Hunters Creek Homes Association Storage Lot Rules and Regulations

Enacted on 3/5/2021

The following Rules and Regulations have been adopted by the Hunters Creek Homes Association (hence “the Association”) to cover the operation of the Hunters Creek Homes Association Storage Lot (hence “the Storage Lot”). 

The Storage Lot will be governed by the Association’s Storage Lot Rules and Regulations listed below. All individuals who have been authorized to store vehicles or materials in the Storage Lot (hence “slot renters”) must adhere to these Rules and Regulations. The Association’s Board of Directors may change these Rules and Regulations, or provide for exceptions, at any time without advance notice or explanation to slot renters.

  1. Use of the Storage Lot is limited to Hunters Creek property owners and residents.
  2. All vehicles stored in the Storage Lot must be registered with and authorized by the Association prior to storage in the Storage Lot. Registration requests should be sent through the form above.
  3. Each storage slot in the Storage Lot is rented and assigned to an individual slot renter. Each assigned storage slot is for the use of only that individual.
  4. The number of storage slots may be limited to one storage slot per slot renter whenever there is a waiting list for storage slots. Slot renters who lease more than one storage slot may be required to surrender the additional storage slot(s) at the discretion of the Association if there is a waiting list for storage slots. Any slot renter required to surrender a storage slot for this reason will be notified by Certified Letter and given 30 days to surrender the storage slot(s).
  5. Vehicles must be parked only in the storage slot assigned to the slot renter by the Association. Vehicles parked in unauthorized storage slots may be considered trespassing.
  6. Any vehicle or item in the Storage Lot whose presence is not authorized in writing by the Association, including in storage slots that have been forfeit due to violation of these Rules and Regulations, may be considered trespassing.
  7. All vehicles kept in the Storage Lot must comply with the Town of Herndon ordinance for “Junked, Wrecked, Inoperable Property”.
  8. Storage slots in the Storage Lot are provided on a first come basis. If all storage slots become occupied, the Association has no obligation to provide additional storage slots; however, the Association may, at its discretion, keep a waiting list and provide case-by-case judgment on storage slot assignment and inclusion on the wait list.
  9. All vehicles kept in the Storage Lot are required to have valid and current state license tags.
  10. All vehicles kept in the Storage Lot must be personal, small commercial, and/or recreational vehicles (e.g., campers, boats on trailers). Large commercial vehicles may not be kept in the Storage Lot. Vehicles must be Class 1, 2, or 3 as defined by U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (typically, vehicles 14,000 lbs. or lighter).
  11. All vehicles must be maintained in a safe condition while kept in the Storage Lot. Tires must be kept inflated. Vehicles must be stored neatly within their assigned storage slot. All enclosed vehicles (e.g., automobiles, campers), must be kept locked. Unenclosed vehicles (e.g., boats, trailers) must be securely supported.
  12. Only one vehicle may be stored per storage slot.
  13. When assigned a storage slot, the slot renter will be provided a combination for the lock to the gate to access the Storage Lot. This combination may not be shared with any other individuals or organizations. The combination will be changed on a basis as determined by the Association, and slot renters will be notified of combination changes.
  14. Changes to information captured during registration (e.g., license plate number, contact information) must be reported immediately to the Association through the form above.
  15. The Association is not responsible for any loss or damage to any item or vehicle kept in the Storage Lot. Use of the Storage Lot is at the risk of the slot renter. Any insurance for the stored vehicle is the slot renter’s responsibility.
  16. An annual fee will be assessed to slot renters for use of storage slots in the Storage Lot. Slot renters that do not pay fees by the provided deadline may have their storage slots immediately forfeit by the Association.
  17. If any slot renter is found to have directly or indirectly given the Storage Lot lock combination to anyone other than immediate family and parties having an interest in a vehicle, their storage slot may be forfeit immediately by the Association.
  18. Subleasing of storage slots is strictly prohibited and may result in the storage slot being immediately forfeit by the Association.
  19. The Association may elect, at its discretion, to allow non-resident service providers use of storage slots for the purpose of storing equipment to upkeep the Association’s property.
  20. The Association may require slot renters to temporarily vacate storage slots while improvements are made to the Storage Lot (e.g., tree removal, repaving, restriping). The Association will attempt to, but is not required to, provide 30 days’ notice of this requirement to slot renters, except in situations deemed an emergency by the Association. Vehicles not properly vacated may be considered trespassing.
  21. Storage slot assignment is not guaranteed. Storage slots may be re-assigned at the discretion of the Association.
  22. Residents will be required to annually certify their acknowledgement of the Rules and Regulations described in this document and must promptly provide information pertinent to operation of the Storage Lot requested by the Association (e.g., contact information).
  23. Unless otherwise noted, any slot renter found to be in violation of any of the Rules and Regulations described in this document may be sent a Certified Letter and given a period of fourteen days to correct any violations. If corrections are not made or the vehicle is not removed from the Storage Lot, the assigned storage slot may be forfeit and the vehicle and any materials left in the Storage Lot may be considered trespassing.
  24. Any vehicle or item that is considered trespassing is subject to immediate and appropriate action by the Association, including, e.g., towing without notification at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Hunters Creek Swim and Racquet Club

The Hunters Creek Pool is a separate corporate entity that leases the property from Hunters Creek Homes Association.

Contact the Swim and Racquet Club

Swim and Racquet Information

  • 25 meter pool with diving well
  • Separate kiddie pool
  • 2 regulation size tennis courts
  • Clubhouse with party room for rent
  • Winning-est swim team in Herndon!

Contact our Membership Manager through the form above

Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) coordinator meets together with the Board of Directors at the beginning of each monthly Board meeting.

Contact the Architectural Review Committee

Architectural Review Processes avoid delays: ARC Applications should be submitted via email

ARC Applications are reviewed at each monthly meeting and a decision will not be made until the next monthly meeting after receipt

These web pages describe the HCHA architectural review criteria and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) application and approval procedures. They also describe approval requirements for various maintenance and construction procedures, including an Architectural Approval Summary and more Detailed Regulations for Maintenance and Exterior Alterations. The ARC Application Form available on this web site may be printed for use when making an application to the ARC.

If a homeowner or tenant desires to make a change to the exterior of their home or property, they should first check to see if the change is covered in Detailed Regulations for Maintenance and Exterior Alterations. If the proposed change appears in one of the maintenance or exterior alteration categories not requiring approval, then application and approval is not needed. Otherwise, an application must be submitted to the ARC using the application procedures described in Application and Approval Procedure and approval obtained prior to making the change.

See the Architectural Approval Summary for a description of the categories of maintenance requiring approval.

Three general categories of exterior maintenance and alteration are addressed by the HCHA Covenants and Restrictions in each property deed and the Rules and Regulations in the following two sections:

  1. Maintenance not requiring ARC approval. Maintenance that makes no change to the color, material, shape or size of an existing structure is permitted without ARC approval except for two special categories that are currently out of conformance: wire fences and multi-surface driveways.
  2. Alterations not requiring ARC approval. Several types of alterations such as mailboxes and satellite dishes are controlled by Federal regulation and are not subject to HCHA regulation. Several other types of alterations either do not change the appearance substantially from beyond the property boundaries or are controlled adequately by Town ordinance.
  3. Alterations requiring ARC approval. Building additions, changes in driveway size, siding, trim or roof color are examples of exterior alterations that require ARC approval. The authority for requiring such approval arises largely from Covenants 8 and 9 (See Chapter 3 above).

The categories sited above are only a summary of the detailed regulations that are described in the next two sections. They are included here to help provide an overall understanding of the regulations. The detailed regulations should always be reviewed and a member of the ARC or the Board of Directors consulted if questions arise. The detailed regulations in the next two sections focus on the distinction between requiring ARC approval and not requiring it, but each regulation arises from one of the three categories above.

Application Review Criteria

Application decisions are based upon the following criteria:

  • Conformance with Covenants and Restrictions, Amended Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations in the Association handbook. These Rules and Regulations also appear on this web site. However, if any differences appear between those in the Association Handbook and those on this web site, the Association Handbook takes precedence.
  • Timing – Projects which remain uncompleted for protracted periods of time are visually objectionable and can be both a nuisance and a safety hazard for neighbors and the community. To encourage expeditious completion of projects, all applications must include an estimated completion schedule. If unforeseeable or uncontrollable delays occur, please advise the ARC or the Board of Directors so that complaints of others may be properly handled.
  • Homeowners are responsible for adhering to all appropriate Town of Herndon zoning, safety and building code requirements.

The Architectural Review Committee

The Hunters Creek Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is comprised of residents from the community appointed by and reporting to the Hunters Creek Board of Directors on matters concerning architectural review and architectural compliance with Covenants and Restriction, Amended By-Laws and Rules and Regulations in the Association Handbook. The ARC recommendations to the Board must be in agreement with existing Town of Herndon regulations, ordinances and policies, and the Covenants and Restrictions of the Hunters Creek deeds, the Amended By-Laws of the Association, and the Rules and Regulations contained in the Handbook. The Board of Directors has delegated the application and recommendation process to the ARC. However, in accordance with its obligations under the Bylaws and Virginia Code, the Board retains final authority to approve applications and respond to any appeal.

Application and Approval Procedure

Homeowners requesting Architectural Approvals will not be processed until the next monthly meeting following receipt – Board meetings are at 7:30 PM the 4th Wednesday of every month. Request must be received by the 3rd Wednesday of the month to be considered for review/approval at the monthly meeting to allow our volunteers time to review the application.

The ARC Application Form is available on this web site. A copy of the property plat must be submitted with the application if the proposed changes will alter the plat. The property plat should depict before and after illustrations for the proposed change.

Architectural Approval Summary

The following table provides a brief summary of the types of maintenance and construction that do and do not require ARC approval. The Detailed Regulations for Maintenance and Exterior Alterations contains more information about this.

Exterior Maintenance and Construction

ARC Approval Required?

Install Storm Door to Match Trim, Shutter, or Door Color (see note 2)


Repaint Exterior Trim, Shutters, Doors, Same as Existing Color (see note 2)


Replace Roof with Same Color and Style Shingles as Existing Roof.


Replace Shed with Same Style, Color, and Square Feet as Existing


Replace Siding with Same Color and Style as Existing.


Replace Walkways or Stoop with Same Size and Material as Existing


Replace Windows with Permanent Surface. (see note 1)


Resurface Driveway with Same Material and Same Area as Existing (see note 3)


Satellite dish installation (see note 4)


Construction of in-ground swimming pool


Install Storm Windows


Replace Shed and Change Style, Color, or Square Feet


Replace Walkways or Stoop and Change to Brick, Flag Stone, etc.


Replace Windows with other than Permanent Surface


Resurface Driveway and Increase Length, Width, Add a Car Park Pad, or Change Surface Material


Construction of above-ground swimming pool with height greater than 36 inches


Any other Maintenance or Exterior Construction


Before undertaking any maintenance or improvement project, please consult the Hunters Creek Covenants and Restrictions, Amended Bylaws and the Detailed Regulations for Maintenance and Exterior Alterations which can be found in the Community Handbook and on this web site.

Note 1:
Aluminum, Vinyl Clad, and PVC constitute a “permanent surface”
Note 2:
No more than two trim colors and one major (siding) color are permitted. Natural finished wood doors are allowed and are not considered a third color
Note 3:
Driveways and car park pads must be of the same type material. Existing multi-material driveways must be brought into compliance when any section of the driveway requires resurfacing
Note 4:
FCC Rules specifically preempt local regulations. FCC Rules, in part, state (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47, Section 25.104, 47CFR25.104): Any state or local zoning, land-use, building, or similar regulation that materially limits transmission or reception by satellite earth station antennas, or imposes more than minimal costs on users of such antennas is preempted unless the promulgating authority can demonstrate that such regulation is reasonable

Detailed Regulations for Maintenance and Exterior Alterations

This section discusses those exterior alterations which will require ARC approval and normal maintenance and other alterations that do not require approval. Each topic indicates those changes requiring ARC or Board of Directors approval and those that do not. 

If ARC approval is required, it must be obtained before any construction changes, additions or alterations begin. If there are any questions about the application process, they should be put in writing and sent to the ARC for resolution. See Section A above, “HCHA Architectural Criteria and Application Procedures”, in this chapter pertaining to the application and approval process. Several types of structural modifications receive automatic approval if the construction meets all Town zoning ordinances and all Town building permit and inspection requirements. These are specified in more detail below. Copies of several of the relevant Town zoning ordinances appear in Chapter 10. Since the Town may change its zoning ordinances, Chapter 10 should be used only as a guide. Before planning any construction or alteration, you should obtain current zoning and permit requirements from the Town. 

In all actions, when there is a conflict in regulations between the Town of Herndon Zoning or other governing regulations, Hunters Creek Homes Associations Detailed Architectural Regulations, or the Hunters Creek Homes Association covenants, the MOST restrictive rules apply  

Routine maintenance on the exterior of a house or property that does not alter the appearance does not require approval of the ARC or Board of Directors. Owners and tenants are required to limit any maintenance and exterior alterations performed without ARC approval to the items below that are described as “Actions Not Requiring Approval”. If you are not sure about the need for approval, then submit one to the ARC. Refer to the procedures in “HCHA Architectural Criteria and Application Procedures”, in this chapter for information on how to submit an application to the ARC. 


Approvals must be submitted online via the Hunters Creek website  –  supporting documents shall be mailed to [email protected] Once a fully complete application is received an approval decision will be made at the NEXT board meeting  as long as the complete application is submitted at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled meeting– Please note: There is no meeting in July or December  – For up-to-date meeting information , please visit 


  1. Repainting and Residing 

1a.  No ARC Approval Required 

Replace Siding with similar existing style and color or approved colors by the HCHA. No more than two trim colors and one major (siding) color are permitted. Natural finished wood doors are allowed and not considered a 3rd color. HCHA approved colors are listed below in 1c. 

Repaint exterior stain color for contemporary wood-sided homes with similar earth-tone color or approved colors by the HCHA. No more than two trim colors and one major (siding) color are permitted. Natural finished wood doors are allowed and not considered a 3rd color.  

Repaint Exterior shutters, trim, and/or doors with similar existing color or approved colors by the HCHA. No more than two trim colors and one major (siding) color are permitted. Natural finished wood doors are allowed and not considered a 3rd color. 

Mid-Century Modern and other Wood Sided (Board and Batten/Reverse Board and Batten)  

Vinyl siding: 

Westlake/Royal Building Products Crane board Solid Core vinyl siding in Board and Batten style in any manufactured color 

Engineered Panels: 


LP Smartside  Cedar Textured Vertical Siding WITH 1 1/2″ cedar textured  batons installed to match existing spacing and look in any pre-finished 


James Hardee Sierra 8 painted to match an ARC approved color 

100% of the house must be finished in the same material / no mixing /matching of materials 

1b.  ARC Approval Required 

Replace siding with a different style and color not approved by HCHA. 

Repaint exterior stain color for contemporary wood-sided homes or exterior shutters, trim, and/or doors with a different color or a color not currently on an HCHA home.  


  1. Roof Replacement 

2a.  No ARC Approval Required 

Replace roof with similar existing style and color shingles.  A switch from “3-tab” to architectural shingles does not require approval 

2b.  ARC Approval Required 

Replace roof with a different style or color. 

  1. Window Replacement 

3a.  No ARC Approval Required 

Replace existing windows with “energy efficient” permanent surface white or same color windows. Permanent surface is aluminum, vinyl clad, or PVC. 

  1. Sheds, Decks Patios and Accessory Buildings 

4a.  No ARC Approval Required 

Repair, repaint or stain existing decks, patios, sheds, greenhouses, or gazebos if color is not changed. New ground level patio, without footers, constructed of concrete, block, stone, brick, etc., and entirely in the rear of the house. 

4b.  ARC Approval Required 

All new decks and accessory structures, including storage sheds, greenhouses, and gazebos. Sheds and accessory buildings may be up to 150 square feet, with a wall height of 8’6”.  All accessory buildings must be placed at least 15 feet from the house, 1 foot from the rear and side property lines.   

All decks, greenhouses and gazebos require a Town building permit from DPW(Town of Herndon Zoning, Section 78-1420). Any change of size, shape or location for an existing deck or accessory structure may require a DPW building permit.  In aligning with the architectural nature of the community, accessory structures, including but not limited to accessory dwelling units, accessory garages, secondary buildings etc. are not approved in Hunters Creek.  

A copy of all permits from Town of Herndon must be provided to the Hunters Creek ARC 

  1. Additions or Exterior Modification to the House 

5a.  ARC Approval Always Required 

Building additions or exterior modifications to your house to include room additions, garages, car ports, front or rear porches, attached greenhouses, etc. will require a Town of Herndon building permit from DPW. ARC approval and Town building permit must be received before construction begins. A copy of all permits from Town of Herndon must be provided to the Hunters Creek ARC 




  1. Fences 

6a.  No ARC Approval Required 

Repair of a wood fence with the similar color, style and size as the existing wood fence. Special regulations appear below for repairing existing wire fencing. 

6b.  ARC Approval Required 

Add  or replace new fence or change style and size of existing fence. All new or replaced fencing used on residential properties within Hunter’s Creek must be wood fencing or synthetic wood (with ARC approval) and stained/treated to a natural color.  A current plot survey from a Virginia licensed surveyor will be required as part of the submission if any part of the fence traverses Town of Herndon, Hunters Creek Homes, or other common use spaces /land –    In lieu of a plot survey IF  the fence does NOT traverse any common use land, a signed agreement from ALL affected neighbors agreeing to and waiving a plot survey must be submitted.  – A copy of this form can be found on the website 

An inner layer of “yard guard” wire fencing designed to be camouflaged from normal view for the purpose of helping ensure that children or pets remain in a yard and that the resident is thus permitted full enjoyment of the property is permissible, but must be submitted for ARC approval. 

6c.  Special Regulations for Wire Fencing 

Permissible repair of existing “Wire Mesh” or “Chain Link” fencing is very limited: 

  • If replacing more than 30% of the length of the wire fence, then the entire wire fence run must be replaced with wooden fence. 
  • If replacing any wire fence which is visible from the street or sidewalk, then the entire wire fence run must be replaced with wooden fence, regardless of the length of this fence segment. 
  1. Driveways 

7a.  No ARC Approval Required 

Resurface existing driveway with same material and area. Resurfacing of mixed material, for instance concrete and asphalt, must be change surface to single material.  


7b.  ARC Approval Required 

Driveways and parking pads additions and change in material (for instance, asphalt to concrete or vice versa). All driveways and parking pads must be of the same material, for instance, asphalt or concrete. Only hard stabilized surfaces are permitted. All driveway additions must be of the same material and a uniform single surface Pavers will be allowed until next resurfacing of the driveway at which time the driveway must be changed to a single solid surface 

7c.  Special Regulation 

All driveways must meet Town of Herndon zoning setback requirements 

  1. Sidewalks 

8a.  No ARC Approval Required 

Repair or replace existing private walkways and/or stoop using the same material, size and area as the existing sidewalk. 

8b.  ARC Approval Required 

Repair or replace existing private walkways and/or stoop changing material, size or area. All sidewalks must be of a solid surface. 

8c.  Special Notice about Public Sidewalks 

All public sidewalks are the responsibility of the Town of Herndon. If a resident notices that a public sidewalk needs repair, the town should be notified. 

  1. Landscaping and Tree Trimming 

9a.  No ARC Approval Required 

Maintained landscaping, such as, dead trees, shrubs, and bushes be removed before they become unsightly or hazards to your neighbor. Maintained lawns no greater than 8 inches high. Trim all trees at least 7ft high above public walkways and driveways. All new trees, shrubs and bushes may be planted at a location not to interfere with your neighbors, safety and line of sight of roadways at corners, etc[5]. No landscaping shall encroach on sidewalks or driveways.   

9b.  Special Notice for Trees Not on Owner’s Property 

Homeowners and tenants may only trim those branches that extend over the homeowner’s property or braches of tree growing on that property. HCHA common property is the responsibility of the HCHA Board of Directors. If trees on HCHA common property need to be trimmed, a member of the Board should be contacted. 

  1. Swimming Pools ARC Approval Required 

Above-ground swimming pools with height greater than 36 inches 

In-ground swimming pools – The Town requires a building permit from DPW.  

  1. Vehicles/Vehicle Storage  

Hunters Creek Homes provides a storage lot for homeowners/renters to store vehicles, trailers, and RVs –  All vehicles parked in driveways must be in operational use license plates and inspection stickers must be visible –  Vehicles may not be covered for an extended period of time – A homeowner may have a vehicle stored temporarily on their property for restoration, provided that this is on a short term basis, and the vehicle is properly licensed, that it is covered with a commercial type of vehicle cover of a neutral color, so that only the wheels are visible, and that there is no evidence of any vehicle parts or supplies visible on the premises. 

For such a project, the owner of the property requires the approval of the Hunters Creek ARC who will monitor the restoration to maintain the community’s interest. A project timeline should be submitted.  

No parking of commercial vehicles is permitted in Hunters Creek Homes – This includes all vehicles with a GVWR > 10,000 lbs, all vehicles with ladders or utility racks, vehicles with signs lettering or markings –  A single taxi cab or limo with markings can be parked per residence

No parking of any trailer, boat or RV is permitted in the driveway or street of a residence for a period greater than 5 days. 

  1. Satellite Dishes and Digital TV Dishes 

12a.  No ARC Approval Required 

Due to FCC regulations, HCHA does not require approval for placement of satellite dishes for TV reception. The Town of Herndon requires a building permit from DPW for satellite dishes greater than 24” in diameter. 

FCC Rules specifically preempt local regulations. FCC Rules, in part, state (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47, Section 25.104, 47CFR25.104): Any state or local zoning, land-use, building, or similar regulation that materially limits transmission or reception by satellite earth station antennas, or imposes more than minimal costs on users of such antennas is preempted unless the promulgating authority can demonstrate that such regulation is reasonable 

Hunters Creek Homes requires that homeowners remove all turned down RF equipment – Satellite dishes and antennas may not be retired / abandoned in place and should be removed once service is terminated.   As satellite TV services do not convey with ownership changes, homeowners will be required to remove all dishes at the time of sale of a property.  Mounting hardware “foots” may remain to not compromise the integrity of the roof

Mailing Address

Hunters Creek Homes Association
417 Queens Row St
Herndon, VA 20170