Welcome to Hunters Creek!

To all new residents…welcome to Hunters Creek. As a way to help you adjust to your new home, we would like to provide you with some helpful information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the board, or your neighbors. We look forward to getting to know you better!


Hunters Creek was built starting in 1973 by the developers Miller and Smith and Ryan on what used to be the Bicksler Farm property. There are still many residents living here who are original owners. There are 273 single-family homes in the neighborhood.

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage is picked up at the curb every Wednesday, unless there is a holiday, in which case it is picked up on Tuesday. Garbage MUST be in Town approved covered plastic cans (NOT just plastic bags) as the crows will get into anything unprotected. Keep your cans out of sight in the back of your house during the week.

Recycling is picked up on Monday. Glass is not accepted in recycling and must be separately brought to a recycling center or thrown in the trash.


All dogs in Herndon must be leashed and you must pick up after them. Anyone not abiding by this law is subject to fines.

Yard Maintenance and Home Improvement

All property in Hunters Creek must be maintained in a neat, safe manner. Branches hanging over the sidewalk, and bushes protruding into the sidewalk must be cut back to allow people to walk by freely; grass must be cut regularly in the spring and summer and cannot be longer than 8″; any broken shutters, windows, doors, etc. must be repaired in a timely fashion. Before you make any major change, such as a new deck, new siding, etc., you must contact the neighborhood Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and the Town of Herndon (703-435-6800), to make sure it meets neighborhood and Town requirements. Once a year, the ARC will conduct an inspection of all the homes in Hunters Creek to make sure they are being maintained properly. The ARC may also address any exterior maintenance issues that appear throughout the year. If there is a problem with your property, you will receive a letter with required changes that need to be made. For additional information, go to Architectural Review.

Neighborhood Events

Twice a year, in the fall and spring, Hunters Creek holds a yard sale. The Homes Association pays for ads in the local paper and residents put out items for sale in their yards and driveways. During December, the Homes Association offers prizes for the most beautifully decorated houses. Also in December, Santa is available to visit your home at your request.

Swim and Racquet Club

The Hunters Creek Swim and Racquet Club is open to Hunters Creek residents and others who buy a membership and pay an annual fee. It is located across Herndon Parkway in Windyn. For more information, go to the Hunters Creek Swim and Racquet Club website.

Board of Directors

Hunters Creek is managed by a Board consisting of neighborhood volunteers who are elected on a rotating basis every year. These people develop the budget and help with any problems that arise in the neighborhood. Once a year in October, there is an annual meeting for all Hunters Creek residents. We encourage you to attend and vote on issues of importance to our development.