Governing Documents of Hunters Creek Homes Association

The existence, authority and governing procedures for Hunters Creek Homes Association are based upon three types of documents and the Code of Virginia.

Amended Bylaws

The Amended Bylaws are the basis (a) for common area control via rules and regulations and (b) for governing the Association.

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The Board of Directors of the Hunters Creek Homes Association (HCHA) has the legal authority to impose charges under the following circumstances:

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Covenants and Restrictions

The Covenants and Restrictions are the foundation for the Association’s authority for controlling the exterior appearance of private property, are incorporated in every deed and are the basis for the Association’s rules and regulations governing the external appearance of private property.

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Amended Articles of Incorporation

The Amended Articles of Incorporation establish the Hunters Creek Homes Association as a non-stock non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Enabling Legislation

The Virginia Property Owners Association Act (Code of Virginia, Title 55, Chapter 26) is the enabling legislation that grants specific authority to the Association, its Board of Directors, its legal documents and its rules and regulations.

Copies of the content of the Hunters Creek Homes Association documents are available on this Web site and in the Community Handbook.

Certified copies of the documents themselves can be inspected at the offices of the Association’s agent. The official Deed of Dedication and Subdivision and Amended By-Laws are on file at the Fairfax County Land Office. The official Articles of Incorporation are on file at the Office of the Clerk of the State Corporation Commission in Richmond.

The Code of Virginia is available online on the Virginia Legislative Information System Internet web site. The enabling legislation, Title 55, Chapter 26 can be viewed directly on this web site from the Code of Virginia Table of Contents.

The Town of Herndon Municipal Code, including zoning ordinances, is available from the web page of the Office of the Town Clerk. The town’s Municipal Code does not have any direct role in the authority and procedures of the Association. However, enforcement by the town of its various ordinances can have an important impact on appearance, safety and living conditions in Hunters Creek. Any individual or the Hunters Creek Board of Directors may seek enforcement by the Town of Herndon of any of its ordinances.