Appendix D: Selected Town of Herndon Zoning Ordinances

Overview of Town of Herndon Residential Neighborhood Policies

The Town of Herndon is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for residential communities. Below are summaries of various Town regulations that impact the appearance and harmony of our residential neighborhoods. For the complete wording of these regulations, please refer to the Town Code. Contact information for obtaining additional details and full copies of each regulation, as well as requesting enforcement, is also provided. The Town Council implemented these regulations for the benefit of the citizens. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding these measures, please reach out to Town officials.

Section A: Property Maintenance

Trash and Solid Waste

Property owners in the Town are responsible for keeping their property free of trash, garbage, refuse, litter, or any substances that may jeopardize the health or safety of residents. Owners must remove and dispose of trash and solid waste properly. To learn about proper disposal methods and pick-up schedules, refer to the Citizen’s Guide to Trash and Recycling, available from the Department of Public Works.

Grass and Weeds

Every property owner must ensure that their property remains free of high grass and weeds (over 12 inches). Tall grass and weeds can become breeding grounds for insects and attract rodents. Owners of vacant properties must mow their properties at least twice a year: once before June 1st and again by August 1.

Shrubs and Trees

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their shrubs and trees. Shrubs and trees should not grow into public rights of way or obstruct public sidewalks. Overgrown trees on sidewalks and roadways pose hazards to drivers and pedestrians. Property owners must trim such trees. If you live on a corner lot, refrain from planting shrubs or trees that obstruct drivers’ views when turning corners.

Exterior of Houses

Property owners must properly maintain the exterior of their houses. Houses should be free of holes, cracks, broken doors, and windows. Wood and metal surfaces should have intact paint. Peeling, flaking, and chipped paint violate Town codes and must be addressed and repainted.

Section B: Public Nuisances

Inoperable Vehicles

An inoperable vehicle refers to any motor vehicle, trailer, or semi-trailer that is not in operating condition, lacks valid license plates, or displays an expired inspection decal for more than 60 days. Storing inoperable vehicles outside without screening from view is a misdemeanor.


Between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., the following activities are unlawful within residential districts:

  • Operating construction equipment or performing outside construction.
  • Repairing or rebuilding vehicles or mechanical devices.
  • Operating powered model vehicles outdoors.

Collecting trash or refuse or loading/unloading trucks within 100 feet of a residential district.

  • At any time, it is unlawful to create unreasonable noise that disturbs neighboring residents or the public, such as:
  • Operating radios, stereos, televisions, etc.
  • Yelling or shouting on public streets or private properties.
  • Keeping animals that cause annoyance in residential neighborhoods.

Animal Waste

Dogs must not foul public areas or the property of others. Dog owners must clean up after their pets when walking them. Keeping animals in a manner that causes unsanitary conditions is prohibited.

Leash Requirement

Dogs must be kept on leashes and are not allowed to roam freely onto others’ properties.

Commercial Vehicles on Public Streets

The Town of Herndon has regulations concerning commercial vehicles on public streets to ensure safety and prevent nuisances. Key regulations include:

  • Commercial vehicles must be parked in fully enclosed buildings with a vehicle door height not exceeding 9 feet over grade.
  • One taxicab, limousine, or other commercial vehicle per resident dwelling unit may park outside an enclosed building, bearing a commercial sign.
  • Commercial vehicles may not park on public streets for more than two hours, except for one taxicab or limousine or one vehicle with a commercial sign per resident dwelling unit.

Commercial vehicles must be properly licensed, insured, and in good working order without hazardous defects.

  • Enforcement of these regulations is the responsibility of the Town of Herndon Police Department. To report violations, contact them at (703) 435-6841.