Appendix A. Hunters Creek Storage Lot Regulations

The Hunters Creek Homes Association (referred to as “the Association”) establishes the following Rules and Regulations (referred to as “the Rules”) for the orderly operation of the Hunters Creek Homes Association Storage Lot (referred to as “the Storage Lot”).


The Storage Lot is exclusively designated for the use of Hunters Creek property owners and residents, pool members, and current contractors performing active services for the community.


2.1 Vehicle Registration

All vehicles stored in the Storage Lot must undergo registration and obtain authorization from the Association before being stored within the premises of the Storage Lot. Requests for registration should be submitted via email to [email protected].

2.2 Individual Storage Slot Assignment

Each storage slot within the Storage Lot shall be rented and assigned to an individual slot renter. The assigned storage slot is strictly intended for the exclusive use of the designated individual.

2.3 Limitation on Storage Slots

The allocation of storage slots may be restricted to one slot per slot renter in situations where a waiting list for storage slots exists. Slot renters possessing multiple storage slots may be required, at the discretion of the Association, to relinquish any additional storage slot(s) if there is a waiting list. In such cases, affected slot renters will be duly notified by Certified Letter and granted a 30-day period to surrender the excess storage slot(s).

2.4 Authorized Parking

Vehicles must be parked only in the storage slot assigned to the respective slot renter by the Association. Any vehicle found parked in unauthorized storage slots shall be deemed as trespassing.

2.5 Unauthorized Presence

Any vehicle or item within the Storage Lot, including those present in storage slots that have been forfeited due to violations of these Rules and Regulations, shall be considered trespassing unless expressly authorized in writing by the Association.

2.6 Compliance with Town Ordinance

All vehicles stored within the Storage Lot must adhere to the Town of Herndon ordinance governing “Junked, Wrecked, Inoperable Property.”

2.7 Availability of Storage Slots

Storage slots within the Storage Lot are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that all storage slots are occupied, the Association shall not be obligated to provide additional slots. However, the Association reserves the right, at its discretion, to maintain a waiting list and assess storage slot assignment and waitlist inclusion on a case-by-case basis.

2.8 Valid State License Tags

All vehicles stored within the Storage Lot must possess valid and up-to-date state license tags.

2.9 Permitted Vehicle Types

Only personal, small commercial, and recreational vehicles are allowed within the Storage Lot (e.g., campers, boats on trailers). Large commercial vehicles are strictly prohibited. Vehicles must fall under Class 1, 2, or 3 as defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (typically weighing 14,000 lbs. or less).

2.10 Maintenance and Security

All vehicles stored within the Storage Lot must be maintained in a safe condition. Tires must be properly inflated, and vehicles must be neatly arranged within their assigned storage slots. Enclosed vehicles (e.g., automobiles, campers) must be securely locked, while unenclosed vehicles (e.g., boats, trailers) must be adequately supported.

2.11 Single Vehicle per Storage Slot

Only one vehicle is allowed to be stored within each assigned storage slot.

2.12 Access Gate Lock Combination

Upon assignment of a storage slot, the slot renter shall receive a unique combination for the access gate lock to the Storage Lot. The combination must not be shared with any individuals or organizations. The Association reserves the right to periodically change the combination, with notification of the changes provided to the slot renters.

2.13 Updated Information

Any changes to the information provided during the registration process (e.g., license plate number, contact information) must be promptly reported to the Association via email at [email protected].

2.14 Limited Liability

The Association shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to any item or vehicle stored within the Storage Lot. The usage of the Storage Lot is entirely at the risk of the slot renter. It is the slot renter’s responsibility to obtain appropriate insurance coverage for their stored vehicle.

2.15 Annual Fee

Slot renters shall be subject to an annual fee for the utilization of storage slots within the Storage Lot. Failure to make timely payment of fees may result in immediate forfeiture of the storage slot by the Association.

2.16 Prohibited Sharing of Lock Combination

Any slot renter found to have directly or indirectly shared the Storage Lot lock combination with unauthorized individuals, except immediate family members and parties having a legitimate interest in a vehicle, shall have their storage slot immediately forfeited by the Association.

2.17 Subleasing Prohibition

The subleasing of storage slots is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate forfeiture of the storage slot by the Association.

2.18 Non-Resident Service Providers

The Association reserves the right, at its discretion, to permit non-resident service providers to utilize storage slots for storing equipment required for the maintenance of the Association’s property.

2.19 Temporary Vacating of Storage Slots

The Association may require slot renters to temporarily vacate their storage slots during periods of Storage Lot improvements (e.g., tree removal, repaving, restriping). Except in emergency situations determined by the Association, the Association will strive to provide 30 days’ notice to affected slot renters. Failure to properly vacate the storage slot may result in the vehicle being considered trespassing.

2.20 Discretionary Slot Reassignment

The Association reserves the right to reassign storage slots at its discretion.

2.21 Annual Certification and Information Update

Residents shall be obligated to annually certify their acknowledgment of the Rules and Regulations outlined in this document. Additionally, residents must promptly provide any information requested by the Association pertinent to the operation of the Storage Lot (e.g., contact information).

2.22 Compliance and Corrective Action

Unless otherwise specified, any slot renter found in violation of any of the Rules and Regulations described in this document may be sent a Certified Letter, providing a period of fourteen days to rectify any violations. Failure to address the violations or remove the vehicle from the Storage Lot may result in the forfeiture of the assigned storage slot, and the vehicle and any remaining items may be deemed as trespassing.

2.23 Trespassing Consequences

Any vehicle or item considered to be trespassing within the Storage Lot shall be subject to immediate and appropriate action by the Association, including towing without prior notification at the expense of the vehicle owner.

Section 2.24 Violation Fees

Any and all violations, including but not limited to the failure to update contact information on the vehicle, which necessitates a board member or RV lot manager to engage with a renter, will result in a fee of $500.00 being assessed. In the event of a second occurrence, the renter will be permanently banned from renting in the RV lot.