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Storage Lot

Storage Lot Regulations

The following rules and regulations have been adopted by the Hunters Creek Board of Directors to cover the operation of the HCHA Storage Lot. Each rented space in the storage lot is rented and assigned to an individual Hunters Creek resident or Hunters Creek property owner. Thus each rented space is a reserved space for the use of only that Hunters Creek resident or Hunters Creek property owner. If you as a user find that someone is in your space, please do not park in another space. Contact the HCHA Board of Directors so we can find out who is parked in your space. If you park in an unauthorized space or in a reserved space, you can be fined and/or lose your privilege to use the lot.

Use of the Vehicle Storage lot will be limited to Hunters Creek property Owners or their tenants. The number of spaces will be limited to one space per lot owner (or their tenant), whenever there is a waiting list for spaces. Owners or tenants, who lease more than one space during a calendar year, may be required to surrender the additional space(s) before the end of the year. Anyone required to surrender a space, will be notified by certified letter and given 30 days to surrender the space(s).

Vehicles should be parked only in the space assigned to the lessee by the Association’s representative. Vehicles parked in unauthorized spaces may be towed without notification.

The storage lot is only to be used by Hunters Creek residents and Hunters Creek property owners. The storage lot will be governed by rules and regulations approved by the HCHA Board of Directors. These rules and regulations were designed to keep our storage lot attractive, comply with all current Town of Herndon Zoning regulations, keep an up‑to‑date listing of vehicle owners for legal purposes, improve the overall safety of the parking area, and the protection of the vehicles (etc.), parked within. In view of past problems at the lot, we find that these rules and regulations have become necessary and will, furthermore, benefit our community, and each Hunters Creek property owner or Hunters Creek resident who uses the storage lot.

Due to severe cases of vandalism in the past, the storage lot has been enclosed with a 6 foot wire fence to help protect the property of the Hunters Creek homeowners or Hunters Creek residents who are using the storage lot. Only those persons who have rented a space are authorized access to the storage lot. Any person found in the storage lot, and are not renting a space, will be considered trespassing, and legal action may result due to the trespass.

All vehicles kept in the storage lot must comply with the Town of Herndon Junk Vehicle Ordinance effective January 1, 1991. In addition to this the following rules must be adhered to:

  1. Spaces in the storage lot will be provided on a first come basis. In the event that all spaces become occupied, the HCHA Board of Directors has no obligation to provide additional parking spaces; however, consideration will be made on a case by case basis.
  2. All vehicles kept in the storage lot will be required to have valid and current state license tags.
  3. All vehicles kept in the storage lot must be personal, small commercial, and/or recreational vehicles such as campers and boats on trailers. No large commercial vehicles will be allowed to be kept in the storage lot at any time. The definition of a large commercial vehicle is a vehicle with a capacity in excess of 2‑1/2 tons, or a manufacturers Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) in excess of 10,000 pounds. There is the possibility that commercial vehicle parking may be made available, outside the storage lot for vehicles used on a daily basis, and which by law cannot be stored at the residence. For more information contact the HCHA Board of Directors and each case will be reviewed.
  4. All vehicles must be maintained in a safe condition while kept in the storage lot. Tires must be kept inflated and vehicles must be stored neatly within their allocated parking spaces. Motor vehicles will be required to be in running condition unless special permission is given by the HCHA Board of Directors for storing a non‑running vehicle. All automobiles, campers, (etc.), must be kept locked. Boats and trailers must be securely supported. This lot is not a storage area for resident's “junk” vehicles, nor will vehicles be allowed to remain on the lot that are “junk” or that have obvious safety hazards. Towing/removal will be considered by the HCHA Board of Directors when appropriate to keep “junk” vehicles out of the storage lot.
  5. All vehicles stored in the lot will be required to be registered with the HCHA Board of Directors prior to storage in the lot, and must be kept in the same space they are registered and assigned. Only one (1) vehicle per space is allowed. Registration can be accomplished by calling any listed HCHA Board member, who will furnish a registration form. Any changes such as a license tag number etc., should be reported to the HCHA Board of Directors so the records may be kept current. Upon return of completed registration form, the Hunters Creek homeowner or Hunters Creek resident will be provided with the combination to the lock on the gate. It is in the interest of the renter of the space not give this combination to others. The combination will be changed on a periodic basis and users will be notified well in advance of the change with a date for the change. Should an emergency change be required, the new combination will be provided, when possible, to users by phone, or can be had by contacting a HCHA Board member who will provide the combination after verification of the right to lot access.
  6. The HCHA, or the Board of Directors are not be responsible for any loss or damage to any vehicle (boat, trailer etc.) kept at the storage lot. Use of the storage lot is at the space renters risk.
  7. An annual fee will be assessed for using the storage lot. This money will go into a separate HCHA special account designated for upkeep, maintenance, and improvement (lighting, paving, etc.) of the lot. If a Hunters Creek homeowner or Hunters Creek resident does not pay this fee, they will forfeit the use of the lot until payment is made. The fee will be assessed annually on a per calendar year basis, (1 January to 31 December). Non-payment of the annual fee may cause the item (vehicle, trailer, boat etc.), stored being towed/removed after the owner is notified.
  8. If any user of the storage lot violates the above rules, they will be advised of the violation by registered letter, and given a period of fourteen (14) days to correct any violations. If corrections are not made or the vehicle is not removed from the storage lot, the HCHA Board of Directors reserves the right to have the vehicle towed and removed from the storage lot. Any expense incurred from this towing, or storage of the offending vehicle, or loss suffered by the owner will be at the owners expense, not that of the HCHA, or the Board of Directors. Since towing can incur substantial costs (for instance, $125 plus $10 per mile, with a $600 minimum), users of the storage lot should make every effort to avoid violations. The HCHA, or the Board of Directors has no liability with regard to any items (vehicle, trailer, boat etc.) being towed from the lot after providing a warning as stated above.
  9. If any user of the storage lot is found to have given the locks combination to other than members of the immediate family, or other parties having interest in a vehicle, will forfeit their use of the storage lot. This is intended to help protect all property in the storage lot. Note the warning against trespassing within the storage lot found at the beginning of Section V.
  10. All vehicles stored in the lot must have a “PAID” sticker, valid for the current year, displayed on the vehicle.
  11. Subleasing of spaces in the storage lot is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate revocation of lot privileges and in forfeiture of fees. Vehicles kept in the storage lot must be registered to the person leasing the space. If the vehicle is co‑owned, at least one Hunters Creek resident or Hunters Creek property owner's name must appear on the registration. In cases of a boat and trailer, the resident's name need only appear on either the trailer or the boat registration.

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