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Storage Lot

Hunters Creek Homes Association Storage Lot Rules and Regulations

Enacted on 3/5/2021

The following Rules and Regulations have been adopted by the Hunters Creek Homes Association (hence “the Association”) to cover the operation of the Hunters Creek Homes Association Storage Lot (hence “the Storage Lot”). 

The Storage Lot will be governed by the Association’s Storage Lot Rules and Regulations listed below. All individuals who have been authorized to store vehicles or materials in the Storage Lot (hence “slot renters”) must adhere to these Rules and Regulations. The Association’s Board of Directors may change these Rules and Regulations, or provide for exceptions, at any time without advance notice or explanation to slot renters.


  1. Use of the Storage Lot is limited to Hunters Creek property owners and residents.

  2. All vehicles stored in the Storage Lot must be registered with and authorized by the Association prior to storage in the Storage Lot. Registration requests should be emailed to

  3. Each storage slot in the Storage Lot is rented and assigned to an individual slot renter. Each assigned storage slot is for the use of only that individual.

  4. The number of storage slots may be limited to one storage slot per slot renter whenever there is a waiting list for storage slots. Slot renters who lease more than one storage slot may be required to surrender the additional storage slot(s) at the discretion of the Association if there is a waiting list for storage slots. Any slot renter required to surrender a storage slot for this reason will be notified by Certified Letter and given 30 days to surrender the storage slot(s).

  5. Vehicles must be parked only in the storage slot assigned to the slot renter by the Association. Vehicles parked in unauthorized storage slots may be considered trespassing.

  6. Any vehicle or item in the Storage Lot whose presence is not authorized in writing by the Association, including in storage slots that have been forfeit due to violation of these Rules and Regulations, may be considered trespassing.

  7. All vehicles kept in the Storage Lot must comply with the Town of Herndon ordinance for “Junked, Wrecked, Inoperable Property”.

  8. Storage slots in the Storage Lot are provided on a first come basis. If all storage slots become occupied, the Association has no obligation to provide additional storage slots; however, the Association may, at its discretion, keep a waiting list and provide case-by-case judgment on storage slot assignment and inclusion on the wait list.

  9. All vehicles kept in the Storage Lot are required to have valid and current state license tags.

  10. All vehicles kept in the Storage Lot must be personal, small commercial, and/or recreational vehicles (e.g., campers, boats on trailers). Large commercial vehicles may not be kept in the Storage Lot. Vehicles must be Class 1, 2, or 3 as defined by U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (typically, vehicles 14,000 lbs. or lighter).

  11. All vehicles must be maintained in a safe condition while kept in the Storage Lot. Tires must be kept inflated. Vehicles must be stored neatly within their assigned storage slot. All enclosed vehicles (e.g., automobiles, campers), must be kept locked. Unenclosed vehicles (e.g., boats, trailers) must be securely supported.

  12. Only one vehicle may be stored per storage slot.

  13. When assigned a storage slot, the slot renter will be provided a combination for the lock to the gate to access the Storage Lot. This combination may not be shared with any other individuals or organizations. The combination will be changed on a basis as determined by the Association, and slot renters will be notified of combination changes.

  14. Changes to information captured during registration (e.g., license plate number, contact information) must be reported immediately to the Association by email to

  15. The Association is not responsible for any loss or damage to any item or vehicle kept in the Storage Lot. Use of the Storage Lot is at the risk of the slot renter. Any insurance for the stored vehicle is the slot renter’s responsibility.

  16. An annual fee will be assessed to slot renters for use of storage slots in the Storage Lot. Slot renters that do not pay fees by the provided deadline may have their storage slots immediately forfeit by the Association.

  17. If any slot renter is found to have directly or indirectly given the Storage Lot lock combination to anyone other than immediate family and parties having an interest in a vehicle, their storage slot may be forfeit immediately by the Association.

  18. Subleasing of storage slots is strictly prohibited and may result in the storage slot being immediately forfeit by the Association.

  19. The Association may elect, at its discretion, to allow non-resident service providers use of storage slots for the purpose of storing equipment to upkeep the Association’s property.

  20. The Association may require slot renters to temporarily vacate storage slots while improvements are made to the Storage Lot (e.g., tree removal, repaving, restriping). The Association will attempt to, but is not required to, provide 30 days’ notice of this requirement to slot renters, except in situations deemed an emergency by the Association. Vehicles not properly vacated may be considered trespassing.

  21. Storage slot assignment is not guaranteed. Storage slots may be re-assigned at the discretion of the Association.

  22. Residents will be required to annually certify their acknowledgement of the Rules and Regulations described in this document and must promptly provide information pertinent to operation of the Storage Lot requested by the Association (e.g., contact information).

  23. Unless otherwise noted, any slot renter found to be in violation of any of the Rules and Regulations described in this document may be sent a Certified Letter and given a period of fourteen days to correct any violations. If corrections are not made or the vehicle is not removed from the Storage Lot, the assigned storage slot may be forfeit and the vehicle and any materials left in the Storage Lot may be considered trespassing.

  24. Any vehicle or item that is considered trespassing is subject to immediate and appropriate action by the Association, including, e.g., towing without notification at the vehicle owner’s expense.

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