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Hunter's Creek

Community Handbook May 2014

Hunters Creek is both a real estate development in Herndon, Virginia, and a property owners association: the Hunters Creek Homes Association.

There is also a related, but independent Hunters Creek Swim and Racquet Club, Inc. Both of these separate organizations are registered with the State of Virginia.

Hunters Creek Homes Association includes the following streets:

  • Bicksler Court
  • Bicksler Drive
  • Cavendish Street
  • Clarke Street
  • Criton Street
  • Devon Street
  • Hertford Street
  • Merlins Court
  • Merlins Lane
  • Pembrook Court
  • Pembrook Street
  • Queens Row Street
  • Trinity Gate Street
  • Windcroft Glen Street
  • Worchester Street

Hunters Creek Development

Hunters Creek Development was built by Miller and Smith Homes and by Ryan Homes in Herndon, Virginia, with construction beginning in 1973. Every property in the Hunters Creek development is part of the Hunters Creek Homes Association, a Home Owners Association (HOA) incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our community is a very diverse and family oriented community in Herndon, Virginia. The development contains 273 homes and consists of two sections, Hunters Creek and the Windyn area. Windyn, containing Queens Row and Trinity Gate Streets, and one section of Hunters Creek are located on the east side of Herndon Parkway. The other streets are located on the west side of Herndon Parkway, between it and Dranesville Road.

Hunters Creek Homes Association

Every property owner in Hunters Creek Development automatically becomes a member of the Hunters Creek Homes Association (often abbreviated as HCHA) upon the purchase of a residence in the development. This Homeowners Association, through the elected Board of Directors, is the representative of the property owners for many legal purposes, responsible for the administration of the common properties of the development such as the community parking, recreation area, and for enforcing the development Covenants and By-laws, and the ensuring that Town of Herndon Zoning regulations are enforced. The Association is responsible for maintaining necessary insurance on the common areas, and for overseeing these areas as to their maintenance and upkeep. The By-laws and the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, presented elsewhere in this document, cover in detail the responsibilities of this Homeowners Association and the Board of Directors.

The Hunters Creek Homes Association is a non-profit corporation registered as a non-stock corporation with the Virginia State Corporation Commission, operating under the Virginia Property Owners Association Act (POAA).

The Association publishes a newsletter, The Communicator. It is published monthly, except for January, July and August, and is mailed to residents of Hunters Creek. Articles and other submissions of interest to the community from residents are welcome. The deadline for material for the upcoming issue is the 10th of each month.

The Association maintains this public web site for the benefit of its owners and other interested in Hunters Creek. It also maintains a private email list server exclusively for the benefit of its members.

Hunters Creek Swim and Racquet Club, Inc.

Visit the Swim and Racquet Club online!

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